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Using a flash pays off: Anyone using additional light when taking a photograph obtains better results, because in post-processing, it isn't possible to obtain missing colours or brilliance from the picture.
With Metz mecablitz digital into the future . . .
The flexibility of Metz mecablitz units can be seen in the different flash families. They have the respective functional equipment to go along with the different requirements profiles. In principle, there are the following groups: System flash units and Specialist Flash Units.

System flash units
Capturing the perfect shot is now even easier with powerful Metz system flash units – your convenient fully automatic device ensures optimal illumination for every picture. Whether amateur or professional: there's the right model to meet any requirements and user friendly operation makes even sophisticated flash techniques child's play.
Please see our Products page for further information.
Specialist flash units
Including Hammerhead models and Wireless Ring Flash. Please see our Products page for further information.

Metz Studio Lighting
New for 2013 - Metz has launched a range of Studio Lighting. For the full range please see the Mecastudio products page.

Recently launched: a range of LED video lights can be easily attached to a camera or camcorder.

Metz Flashguns are imported into the UK by Intro 2020 Ltd.
Intro 2020 is registered in England. Company Registration Number: 1026864
Registered Office: Unit 1, Priors Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 2HP