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The extensive choice of Metz mecablitz flash units offers the right kind of light for every situation and almost any camera, be it analog or digital.
The product range is subdivided into different categories ranging from a handy compact unit to the powerful handle-mount flashgun.
For full product information and technical specifications, please visit the links below.

Video Lights

Recently launched: a range of LED video lights can be easily attached to a camera or camcorder.

Ring Flash

A world first! The mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital, a completely redesigned, wireless Metz macro-flash.

& dedicated
SCA models

The sophisticated, proven Metz SCA adapter system ensures that one and the same flash unit is suitable for virtually any camera merely by using the corresponding adapter.

Fully dedicated

Metz models that have been designed to be compatible with the cameras from a specific camera manufacturer. They support all the important special flash functions at an excellent price/performance ratio.


Automatic or manual flash mode - the beginner's models from Metz are characterised by their superb, exceptionally simple operation at a very favourable price/performance ratio.